10–12 September 2020 Shanghai, China Coming soon

Entry Rules

Object: All products are eligible for entry as long as they are produced in an industrial manufacturing process (non-handmade art) and are sold in the market. The competing products must be (or expected to be) available from 1 January 2017 to 1 September 2019. If the competing product is a design prototype, it must be functional and expected to enter mass production.

Range: This competition does not categorise. Products of all categories related to lifestyle design can enter the competition.

Quantity: This competition distinguishes by brand. Each brand may submit no more than three (series of) products.

Fees: An entry fee of RMB 300 per product will be charged for the web server support and the assistance and verification offered by third party service providers during the data collection process. Interior Lifestyle 2019 exhibitors are exempt from this fee.

Information required for entry: product name, basic information (material, size, etc.), manufacturer name, designer information, product highlights (800-1200 words); images (specification: DIN A4 / resolution: 300dpi)


1.    Fill out the application form (click to download)

2.    Send the application form, text and images as well as the entry fee payment voucher to this email (click to send)

3.    Pay the entry fee (Interior Lifestyle China 2019 exhibitors do not need to pay this fee)

DesignBox Communications (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 316256-03000957363

Bank of Deposit: Bank of Shanghai, Sinan Branch

Bank Code: 313290002519

Payment Deadline: August 16, 2019


Five judges from a committee will each select 30 products (finalist award).

By voting through each of the judges’ channels, the public will nominate 15 products from each judge’s proposed list of finalists (nomination award).

The brands that win this round of the nomination award are required to mail their competing products to the Organising Committee Office (Shanghai, China). If the products do not arrive in time, this will forfeit their place in the competition.

The professional judges will jointly decide the winners at the second review meeting, after the collection of all products, with 15 “Best Awards” for the Annual Lifestyle Award (considerations include but are not limited to: practicality, innovation, materials, lifestyle creation, prospects, social benefit and environmental friendliness).

In addition, one Special Jury Award will be announced.

If the product is awarded, a basic fee of RMB 2,000 within the winners’ rights and interests will be charged for onsite display; other winners’ rights and interests can be found here.


Flow Chart:

Before 16 August

19 August

21 August

Before 27 August

28 August

11 September

11-13 September

Online application

Finalists announced

Nomination Awards announced

Delivery of nominated products

Best Awards announced

Awards Ceremony

Award-winning products displayed onsite