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As daily life resumes after the pandemic, the theme of this year's show, "Happy Together", captures the current mood perfectly.

It resonates with people’s collective desire to reconnect and enjoy the benefits of face-to-face meetings.

Happy Together Market


Gathering 100 design ideas that bring joy to the soul, embodying the notion of “losing track of time in happiness” – we are in pursuit of all possibilities that make time fly in an enjoyable way. Here, we discern trends and uncover what’s fashionable.

The HAPPY TOGETHER amusement park: led by various emerging brands, we invite these up-and-comers to express their creativity and identity here. It’s a space where the concept of HAPPY is fully embodied.

Poster design: Implementing our HAPPY TOGETHER theme throughout, we solicit 100 poster designs collected from original design brands nationwide, breaking new ground in joy-inducing design.

Playfulness in Everything: introducing three fun-filled features. 1) The “Joy Sharing Box” – a semi-private space , where you can share your joy and become a source of happiness for others. 2) “Happy Eye Pointing” – an opportunity for pranking and creating surprise, using nothing but your eyes. 3) “Happy Rating” – rate brands, booths and designs with point stickers. The top three brands with the highest ratings will have the opportunity to reveal their secrets in an in-depth promotional interview.

Ambiente Trends 23+


On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, the trend bureau bora.herke.palmisano picks up on relevant trends in the consumer-goods sector and creates dedicated trend themes. Visitors can discover the results of their research in three unique forecasts – the three Ambiente Trends 23+, under the names of unknown beauty_strange + gracious, calming nature_careful + pleasant and lasting ideas_passionate + evocative. Based on the needs of trade fair participants, these trends have been distinctively and individually defined. The plus sign symbolizes that this is an unfinished path.

Ambiente Trends 23+ offer an overview from and for the entire consumer goods sector. This time, they focus on sustainability, unexpected new creations and design icons. Included for the first time are topics covering New Work and the modern workplace.

Long-time trend expert Annetta Palmisano will report on the inspiring trend worlds in her lecture to delve even deeper into the trend worlds.

In addition, columnist Ms. Izzie Zhang will give an impression of her visits to Ambiente.

*The Ambiente Trends 2023+ will be pre-recorded in English

*Simultaneous interpretation available.

Speaker: Annetta Palmisano (stilbuero bora.herke.palmisano)

<Moderator> Izzie Zhang / Columnist

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